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1. Complete a Pre-Licensing Course

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2. Pass the Florida Home Inspector Exam (FHIE)

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4. Obtain Commercial General Liability Insurance of $300,000

The FHIE is a series of questions evaluating your knowledge of specific systems of the home. Some questions evaluate your general understanding of processes and procedures of a home inspection and may not specifically be found in a textbook.

About The FHIE

We encourage you to find a mentor who may be able to assist you with the procedures of the home inspection process.

While some tests evaluate basic knowledge of the systems of the home, the FHIE was developed to truly evaluate the preparation of an individual to begin inspecting once licensed.

Although FABI offers an approved exam for licensing (FHIE), we do not offer the 120-hour pre-licensing course.  If you are looking for information on available courses please visit this link.

The test is offered throughout the State of Florida (as well as nationwide for those wishing to test outside the state) and can be scheduled on days convenient to the test taker – Monday through Friday (Excluding federal holidays).

You are given two (2) hours to complete the exam.

Before coming in to test, please take time to read through the FHIE Policies & Procedures.

This computer-based exam is 100 questions, multiple-choice, and covers the following areas:

1.           Florida Standards, Report Writing, Inspecting a Home, Contracts, Etc.
2.           Roofing
3.           Structure, Interiors, Exteriors
4.           Plumbing and Gas
5.           Electrical
6.           Air Conditioning and Heating

You must achieve a 70 or better to pass this exam.  All questions are weighted equally.

There are no practice exams.

This is a closed-book exam. Testers who need it may take a Spanish to English dictionary into the testing center with them.  The dictionary must be new and free of any handwritten notes or notes of any kind.

How to Study for the FHIE

The FHIE is based from, but not limited to, the following:

The Florida Home Inspection Standards of Practice


“Principles of Home Inspection: Systems and Standards” 3rd Edition Update (ISBN 978-1078801386) – You can purchase this book in our store.

You are encouraged to study the appropriate material, as shown above if you are taking the FHIE.

We do not guarantee that your pre-licensing course prepared you for this exam.

Study books may not be returned once purchased. These are the same book – choose the best shipping method for you.

Fees for the FHIE

A discount to $125 is offered to students of Affiliate Member Schools.

**You are required to provide a copy of your certificate of completion from an affiliate school before you can schedule your exam.

No checks are accepted.

No refunds of testing fees are offered so please be sure you are registering properly.

The testing center has a strict cancellation/reschedule policy. Be sure to read through their policies when you are scheduling your exam.

Scheduling Your Exam

Exam Proctored by Prometric

Prometric offers testing centers all over Florida as well as throughout the country for those wishing to test in other states.  To find your closest location, please open the Maps app on your phone and search for Prometric.

When you register to test, you will be able to see the testing sites closest to you and can then choose the date and time that works best with your schedule.


Complete the pre-registration form found here.

You will need to attach your certificate of completion from one of the Affiliate Schools if you are paying the discounted testing fee.

As soon as your form and certificate are submitted, you will be directed to make payment.


You will be directed to the payment page. Complete your payment. You receive an email confirmation for your records and we will be notified.

Once the pre-registration form(and certificate if necessary) has been submitted and the payment has been made you will receive an email, within 1 business day, giving you instructions on scheduling your exam.

No action will be taken if a form is submitted without payment or certificate of completion (if necessary).

If you do not receive an email with instructions on scheduling within 1 business day, please check your spam folder first.  If it’s not there, send an email to info@fabi.org and we will forward the instructions to you. *Refunds can only be given for up to 48 hours, and only if you have not scheduled your test date. After 48 hours, FABI is charged for the exam and no refunds and can be applied. Any refunds will be less a 6% processing fee.

Rescheduling / Retesting

Use one of the appropriate links below to pay for retesting:

There is a $66 rescheduling fee. This happens when you do not show up for your exam and make no attempt to call the test center ahead of time to reschedule. If you need to reschedule, be sure to CALL the test center ahead of time to reschedule. You must call Prometric directly to reschedule.

Rescheduling and retesting fees can be made through the FABI Store. 

If you do not receive confirmation of a new exam within one business day, please check your spam folder first, then email info@fabi.org and request a copy of your confirmation.

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