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Complete the process by taking the Florida Home Inspector Exam (FHIE™).

The FHIE™ is the Florida-specific exam that tests the student’s knowledge on Florida Standards of Practice, inspection techniques and report writing, as well as knowledge of the structure, grounds, and systems of the home.  Questions are derived from, but not limited to,  Principles of Home Inspection, System and Standards, 3rd Edition by Dearborn; Florida Statutes Chapter 468; and other home inspection study guides.

The FHIE™ was developed several years ago with the focus of Florida inspectors.  It is the one exam that tests students’ knowledge and prepares the student with situations and conditions native to Florida.  The FHIE™ has undergone rigorous testing to create a valid and reliable exam.

If you are ready to start your career as a licensed home inspector, register today for the FHIE™.   To see if your school is a FABI Affiliate and to apply for a discounted exam, go to FABI Affiliate Schools.   Once licensed, please visit the FABI  website for all of your continuing education and learn from your peers.  When inspecting Florida homes, it is paramount to learn from your Florida Association of Building Inspectors.  Join us today!