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Ken Young Award

Each year, the Ken Young Award is presented to the Florida Association of Building Inspector member who, in the opinion of the FABI President, showed the most dedication and commitment to the association throughout the year.
Ken Young was a long-time member and past President of FABI. He was a pillar of the home inspection industry both statewide and on the national level and was highly respected for his intelligence, compassion, leadership, and ability to work amiably with his peers to get things accomplished.
Ken lost his battle with cancer on November 13, 2001 but his commitment to provide “The Standard of Excellence in Home Inspections” remains in all those inspectors who were fortunate enough to know and work with him.

Recipient                                                   Year                           President Who Presented

Jeff Rothberg                                            2001                           Joey Caballero

Norm Sage                                                2002                           Joey Caballero

Ellen Burns                                                2003                          Joey Caballero

Sunni & Wanda                                        2004                           Jeff Hooper

Joey Caballero                                          2005                           Jeff Hooper

Burt Silver                                                 2006                           Greg Manning

Jeff Hooper                                               2007                           Greg Manning

Claude McGavic                                       2008                           Jeff Hooper

Bob Farr                                                    2009                           Jeff Hooper

Bill Siegel                                                   2010                          Graham Bailey

Tim Hamilton                                           2011                           Graham Bailey

Jon Tremper / Manny Gonzalez           2012                          Bob Farr

Robert Dees                                              2013                          Bob Farr

Ron Burns                                                 2014                          Robert Dees

Jean Anne Baker                                     2015                           Robert Dees

Graham Bailey                                         2016                           Ralph Cabal

Ron Burns                                                 2017                           Ralph Cabal

Ralph Cabal                                              2018                           Manny Gonzalez

Larry Cerro                                               2019                           Manny Gonzalez

John Shishilla                                          2020                           Jean Anne Baker

Glenn Stephens                                       2021                           Jean Anne Baker

Mark Hall                                                 2022                           Jean Anne Baker