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Check this post out for all the information and best practices to receive your home inspection license in the state of Florida. We are the states leading organization for home inspectors. Check back in with us after you receive your license to become the best inspector in your area!

Step 1: Taking a 120 credit hour state approved course.

You may take many courses listed online. Furthermore, there may be in-person class sessions available to you in your area. Below you may find a list of approved FABI vendors for this.

List of FABI approved home inspector schools:

Popular Online Home Inspector Course:

After taking a 120 credit hour course. Once prepared you can take a state exam.

The Florida Association of Building Inspectors (FABI) recommends combining a use of in-person sessions through an affiliate school, alongside, online or studying alone.

Step 2: Preparing and taking the state exam.

You can purchase a study book online through our website. Once you thoroughly study the book. Read our page about scheduling to take your exam. The exam will need to be in-person and proctored.

Information about Our Approved Exam – Florida Home Inspection Exam

You will have 2 hours to answer 100 questions in multiple choice format. Here are the sections of the examination:

1.           Florida Standards, Report Writing, Inspecting a Home, Contracts, Etc.
2.           Roofing
3.           Structure, Interiors, Exteriors
4.           Plumbing and Gas
5.           Electrical
6.           Air Conditioning and Heating

To pass this exam, you must receive a 70% score. All questions will be weighed equally.

Step 3: Now that you have passed the exam.

Now that you have passed the Florida Home Inspector Exam, you still need to ensure you apply for your license through Florida DBPR. Click the link to be directed to the home inspector licensing application.

These are the items you will need to submit to receive your license from DBPR:

  • Examination Results
  • Proof of Education – 120 Credit Hours
  • Fingerprints
  • Insurance
  • Attached Payment
  • Proof of Insurance

Step 4: Becoming the best home inspector in your area.

The process does not stop once you receive your home inspection license. Not only are there continuing education requirements, but continuous home inspection education, as well as, business education you should be receiving.

FABI offers four state conferences a year to assist home inspectors be the best they can be and receive more business. Furthermore, we offer designations as a member of our organization to help market your experience and education to home buyers and realtors.

FABI Membership Designations

  • Associate Inspector
  • Registered Professional Inspector
  • Master Professional Inspector

To learn more about designations and becoming a member of FABI, visit our membership information page.

Have a question about becoming a licensed home inspector in the state of Florida? Contact us directly or comment on this post! We are always happy to help!