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As we all get back to our regular routines after the Summer Conference in St, Pete and start to prepare for the Fall conference in September it is hard not to reflect how well the conference went.  Everyone was really engaged in the conference and the classes, from Glenn Stephens Roofing, wind mitigation and four-point and Jon Bolton’s plumbing class. If you missed Jon’s class you missed lots of information about PEX plumbing that every inspector should know.  If it becomes available again don’t hesitate to take it.  Jeff Clair kindly jumped into the HVAC class last minute and is always a wealth of information.   

We also had Jennifer Ashton, our lobbyist give a rundown of this year’s laws affecting us, some of which go into effect July 1st. She has been working diligently for FABI, making our voices be heard in Tallahassee and insurance companies.  The committee is currently working on a four-point form and defining and clarifying some items on it.   The file is attached please look at it and let us know below what you think.

Four point form


  • Not a whole lot different than before. Just a thought, most larger homes have more than two electrical panels and more than one AC. I think the biggest best thing you guys could do is create a standard of reporting that all inspectors will know without any doubt what the protocol is. What to report, what not to report. ( stains in the attic sheathing is a great example ) Some would say Mismatched breakers in a panel causing loss of UL rating. Some might say Mismatched AC units causing loss of seer rating. Some might report on the interior sink drains being flex drain material. Depending on who you talk to, many feel differently about these things. Thats my two cents for what it may be worth.

  • The 4 Point form asks for the age of the HVAC system. Regulary I find that the compressor and the air handler have different manufactured years. Which year should we use, the compressor or air handler date? Could we have two dates on the form, one for each unit?

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