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Who is i-Inspect, LLC?

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Your Home Deserves an Incredible Inspection! 

That is the moto of i-Inspect, LLC, and we belive in it. i-Inspect is the most technically advanced Home Inspection firm in the Greater Orlando area. Owner Kevin Bressman brings over 35 years of construction experience to your inspection. Our goals are to provide you as much information about your real estate transaction as possible. We meet and exceed the State of Florida Standards of Practice for Home Inspections. Over 40 5-Star Google reviews attest to our belief that your home deserves an incredible inspection.

What does i-Inspect, LLC Offer?

i-Inspect, LLC is a company dedicated to meeting and exceeding our customers expectations. Our inspections include:

Pre-Purchase Residential Inspection: This is the most common residential inspection performed. This home inspection is your best negotiation tool.

Insurance Inspections Including Four Point and Wind Mitigation Inspections: These are done to help you obtain home owners insuance and to reduce the cost of your policy. If your home is older than 20 years, your homeowners insurance will probably ask for a Four-Point Inspection. Wind Mitigation Inspection may entitle you to discounts on your Home Owners Insurance. These inspections can be done individually or combined. And are best done at the time of the home inspection.

New Construction – Phased Inspection During Construction:  Your brand new home is inspected at phases during the construction process.   

Commercial Inspections:  Business buildings need to be inspected too.  From warehouses to offices, we can customize a commercial inspection to meet your needs.

Find out more information about our offerings by going to our website at: i-Inspect.

What makes i-Inspect, LLC different?

We include an interior infrared scan of the home, using the latest themal technology to scan your home for moisture. 

In addition, we take 360 degree photos of each room. Our clients that have not actually seen the property love this as it lets them veiw the home almost as well as being there.

We are the home of the i-Bot, a special camera carrying robot designed to go into crawl spaces that would not normally be accessible or safe to inspect.  The i-Bot is capable of recording 360 Degree Photos and Video.

If you would like to contact me, go to our website.

This article was written by: Kevin Bressman, i-Inspect

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