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Online CEUs for Florida Inspectors

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Please visit to view the available courses. 

A 14-hour bundle has been set up for those needing all credits, including hurricane mitigation. You can also choose individual courses at a great, low price – for those who only need wind mitigation, are lacking in general credits, or just want to further their education.


From now until July 31, all courses are being offered FREE to FABI members. Non FABI members may use coupon code nonmember14 to take $25 off the regular price of the 14-hour bundle (Bundle will be $65 for anyone using this code). This code only applies to the 14-hour bundle. FABI Members will receive the member coupon code by email.

If you wish to join FABI to take advantage of the free courses, we invite you to visit to join for only $19.99 per month or contact the FABI office at and complete details can be emailed to you.  

If you have questions as you go through the registration process, please contact Sunni at or by text to 407-508-7974 and she can assist you.

We are so excited to offer this opportunity to Florida inspectors and welcome any questions you might have.  

Social Media for Home Inspectors

How to use Social Media for Home Inspectors

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Social media traffic is vital for a small business dependent on recurring customers. As home inspectors we need recurring business from our Realtors and social media can be the tool to lead engagement. So how do you use social media if you are beginning your home inspection business? Furthermore, which social media platforms should you use? We are going to tackle the important questions in this article!

Which social media platforms should you use?

There are many types of social media platforms, each with its own specific target market and media type. Concluding this section, we will dive into what is important for home inspectors.

Facebook – Target Market: Everyone. Media Type: Everything.

This is the media platform everyone is known to be on and it is used for everything. Anyone who is anything is on this platform.

Instagram – Target Market: Ages 18-29. Media Type: Images.

Known for its “influencers” and younger vibe, Instagram is the social media platform to tell your life story through images.

Twitter – Target Market: Ages 18-29. Media Type: Microblogging.

Also called “tweeting”, younger users can post short paragraphs about their lives.

Pinterest – Target Market: Ages 18-29; Majority Females. Media Type: Images.

Pinterest is best known for showing picture perfect recipes, weddings, and houses.

Youtube – Target Market: Ages 18-29. Media Type: Professional Videos.

Have something you want to share with the world in a video? Entertainment, schools, you name it, it is in a video.

LinkedIn – Target Market: Professionals. Media Type: Anything.

The you your mom wants to see is here. This is everyone’s professional lives and an online resume.

What social media platform should you invest in?

So which platform should you be on? Ultimately, it depends on where your Realtors are, right? Taking this into consideration, you may find your Realtors to be on every platform, but you putting yourself on every platform can actually hinder your growth. Deep diving into a media like Facebook can create a high presence rather than a low presence on all platforms. This should be highly considered when choosing platforms to invest your time into. While Facebook may great for everything, YouTube may be great for informational videos on your company, all while, Pinterest can be used to connect with female Realtors that post about homes.

How to market your platforms

Now that we can decipher what platforms you will want to consider, we should decide on what you are going to be posting. This task can be daunting, however, it is actually fairly simple. The keys are to keep it social, interactive, and consistent.

Gaining Exposure

Plain and simple, market your pages/content EVERYWHERE. For some ideas, here is a list of places you can gain more exposure to your social medias:

  • In your inspection emails, tell them to like your page!
  • At the end of inspections
  • During marketing events like presentations
  • Competitions between inspectors or for a raffle
  • Referral Rewards
  • Mass Emails

What to post

Engaging posts like selfies, funny videos, information videos, pictures of animals, etc, can never fail. On the other hand, a few company testimonials will never hurt your image either. For a few ideas think about these cool hashtags: #FlashbackFriday, #MotivationMonday, #WackyWednesday, and #TestimonialTuesday.

Social media is meant to be social! When posting, try not to think to hard, but rather post information your Realtors will want to read/see/like.

How often to post

This is a question asked quite frequently. Is posting 5 days/week too much? Is posting 3 days/week too less? What is the right answer?

The correct answer in how often to post is 1. How often your audience is receptive and 2. How often you can post. For instance, if you are posting too much, you may find the content lacking, and therefore, interaction, as well as follower count drops. Therefore, it is good to keep in mind your limitations as a business owner and the drop off rate for your follower count.

When to post

Another question asked often is when you should post. This can vary by media type and by clientele, however, these are the most active times for social media:

Monday-Thursday: 1 – 3pm

Friday: 3pm – After

Call to Actions

Social media is meant to be social, but you are there to make more money! So how should you frame call to actions?

Call to actions should be simple, limited, and informational. You may want to consider framing your call to actions by offering a blog post or by offering a discount strictly to those on your social media. At the same time, you should limit call to actions to less than once per week. With having too many call to actions you risk losing reception.

Measuring Success

How do you measure success with social media platforms?

Many medias offer a business account/page option to which you can see analytics of how many people click on your website from your profile. Furthermore, using a tool like Google Analytics, you can find how many people are clicking from your posts to your website.

For instance, if you post on Facebook about your latest blog, you may want to track how much traffic is going to that blog post. Google Analytics can tell you how many people are referred from social media. Just check this out:

You can see from this Google Analytics account, Social Media referred 19 new visitors within the selected timeframe (past 7 days in this instance).

Moreover, when tracking success, you should be watching your follower/like/engagement increase from month to month. The more engagement you receive overtime = the better Search Engine Optimization (SEO). As we all know, the better the SEO, the more inspections scheduled.


I hope you found this post insightful into the many ways you can use social medias. As a business owner, you already have enough on your plate. On the other hand, just adding 30 minutes a day or 2 hours on the weekend to plan out a few engaging posts for the week, can have a huge effect in the long term.

The more Realtors see your name, the more you will be used! If you have any questions about social media, be sure to drop a comment!

Inside and Out Property Inspectors

FABI Spotlight – Inside & Out Property Inspectors

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Who are they?

Based out of St. Augustine and Jacksonville, Inside and Out Property Inspectors is owned by Bernarr “BJ” Johnson, CMI and services St Johns, Duval, and Clay counties. With over 470 5-star Google Reviews, Inside and Out Property Inspectors is locally renowned for providing extremely thorough service in the Northeastern Florida area.

BJ Johnson is a Certified Master Inspector (CMI). CMI is a professional designation given to Board-Certified inspectors who are experienced, dedicated to education, and have a proven record in the inspection industry.

What does Inside & Out Property Inspectors offer?

Inside and Out Property Inspectors offers residential, commercial, and insurance inspection services, including:

  • Home Inspections
  • Infrared (Thermal) Imaging
  • New Construction Inspections
  • Pre-Drywall Inspections
  • 11 Month Warranty Inspections
  • Deck Inspections
  • Sewer Scope
  • Stucco Inspections
  • Manufactured Home Foundation Certification (HUD) Inspections
  • Rental Inspections
  • Commercial Inspections
  • Pest Control Services
  • and more!

For a full list of their services visit their website at

What makes them different?

The Inside and Out Property Inspectors team helps buyers who want to understand the condition of a property before making an investment, as well as home sellers who want to identify potential issues before putting their properties up for sale.

The inspectors at Inside and Out Property Inspectors always encourage their clients to attend the inspections and provide them with a modern, easy-to-read inspection report – on the same day!

Consistently rated 5 stars, the team at Inside and Out Property Inspectors is often described as “thorough”, “responsive”, and “punctual” in reviews and highly recommended by both clients and agents.

Aside from providing great service, Inside and Out Property Inspectors give back to the community by supporting local charities and youth organizations.

Contact Inside and Out Property Inspectors at

Home Inspector Pricing Strategies

Pricing Strategies to Compete with Cheap Competitors

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It seems this topic is discussed frequently within the home inspector community. How should you price your home inspection? How should you price your ancillary inspections? Furthermore, how should you counteract a “cheap” inspection?

Let’s start off by discussing the emotional side of pricing strategies.

When a new inspector comes in your market with a low-ball strategy, you may feel threatened. You may feel you need to lower your inspection cost in order to compete. Also, you may feel as a business owner, a sense of urgency to prepare for counteractions.

In this article, we are going to discuss how you can respond to competitor pricing, not only from a low-ball standpoint, but from a general pricing action plan.

Pricing is a strategy

Plain and simple, your price listed on a home inspection and ancillary services is a strategy.

That being said, can we really be frustrated at someone who offers a cheap inspection? On the other hand, can we be mad at a company for having a high inspection cost, in which, they somehow keep booking inspections? It is a business strategy after all.

The simple answer, no, we can’t get frustrated over the actions of our competitors. As we say, the price of the service is a direct correlation to what they feel their time is worth. As a tradesmen, you are offering your time. Your experience in this profession correlates to how much time you may use or you may feel is needed.

Ultimately, a higher priced service means a higher level of experience and service. All while, a lower priced service means a lower level of experience and service.

The Math & Science of Pricing

Let’s dive into the math of pricing. How can you make the most money for your home inspection company? As it is suggested, the lower the price, the more units needed to be sold. Compared to the higher the price, the less units needed to be sold to make the same amount of money.

Let’s say you offer home inspections for $249. In order to make $100,000 you need to sell 402 inspections. All while, if you offer $449 home inspections, you need to sell 223 (almost half as less). So how do you sell your service for more?

Sean D’Souza, from PsychoTactics why clients buy – and why they don’t, suggests that higher pricing simply receives more attention. Sean relates your pricing to how you would purchase tile for your home flooring. You want the most expensive tile right? It’s better-looking, longer-lasting, and speaks “I am rich.” It just may not be in the budget as of right now, however, as a salesman, you need to pitch your inspection with a solid reason to why it is priced more. Sean finishes by saying, even if a client does not purchase the expensive tile, they will continue to want it for next time. That being said, seven years later, the client that got the cheap inspector will want to purchase from a more expensive inspection company the second time around. This is especially true if the cheaper inspector missed items.

Now all this is generally speaking. So in order to assist you in pricing, my suggestion would be to come up with a solid few USP’s – unique selling points. For instance, you could list: highest-rated, free follow-ups, and free protection-plan. That way, when a client calls in and says “I am just shopping” your sales manager can respond, “Okay, well I’d just like to let you know we are the highest rated in the area, we offer free inspection follow-ups, and all of our work is backed by a protection plan for those unexpected failures.” – It is statements like that, that really get a client to think again about their purchase decision. They can very well ask the next inspection company, well what do you offer that is different from XYZ company.

I have also included a useful article for pricing strategies you may want to use this year. The Ultimate Guide to Pricing Strategies – By HubSpot

Theories on Pricing

Now to pricing theories. The most vital aspect, in my opinion, of your small-business ownership. Let’s talk about Game Theory with the Prisoners’ Dilemma.

Prisoners’ Dilemma:

Say you are innocent and being arrested for a crime. The police make another arrest who they say is your accomplice. During interviews, the police say, “If you confess, it’ll make your prison sentence easier.” The police then explain the possible sentences:

  • If both you and the other person confess, you each get 5 years in prison.
  • If neither of you confesses, you each get 30 days in jail.
  • If you confess and the other person doesn’t, you will be set free and the other spends 10 years in prison.
  • If the other person confesses and you don’t, he goes free and you spend 10 years in prison.

That being said, do you confess about your crime? Or, do you remain silent in hopes the other does not confess either?

The same dilemma appears in pricing. Assume there are two inspectors covering one area. Both have equal share, same net profits, and high prices.

  • If you both keep prices high, you each make 100k in profit at year-end. This totals to 200k in industry profits.
  • If you both compete and lower prices, you each make 50k in profit at year-end. This totals to 100k in industry profits.
  • If you lower prices and your competitor doesn’t, you make 120k in profit and your competitor only makes 30k. This totals to 150k in industry profits.
  • If your competitor lowers prices and you don’t, your competitor makes 120k in profit and you only make 30k. This totals to 150k in industry profits.

Understanding this is an extremely simplified version of the real-world, what do you see? As the home inspectors compete on pricing, total industry profits fall, Realtors and clients begin expecting lower prices, and a price war can continue. While undercutting prices may work for you in the short-term, it is assumed the your competitors will follow-suit.

So what should you do? Well, the simple answer is to NEVER compete solely on price! Sure, sales to make year end numbers are fine. However, if you do compete on price, understand your profits and the industry profits stay lower.

This is what is learned in business school. High executives understand not to get into price wars only if they know, they can price out their competitor. That is, make the price so low the other business files for bankruptcy. Soon after, the survived company can hike prices with no competition. This is exactly what Amazon has done to the retail industry.

So how should you price your inspection company? Price your business according to your experience, what your company offers, and never price against a competitor unless you’re willing to accept the consequences.

Finally, having the largest net profit margins as possible saves your business from possible attacks. If there is anything you can get away from this article, it is lower your company operation cost and carefully spend your money.

With 2020, comes another year of inspection company challenges. You should always stay informed on industry changes so check out our quarterly conferences.

Liked this article? Leave a comment below or let us know!

I-Inspect, Kevin Bressman

FABI Spotlight – i-Inspect

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Who is i-Inspect, LLC?

I-Inspect Logo

Your Home Deserves an Incredible Inspection! 

That is the moto of i-Inspect, LLC, and we belive in it. i-Inspect is the most technically advanced Home Inspection firm in the Greater Orlando area. Owner Kevin Bressman brings over 35 years of construction experience to your inspection. Our goals are to provide you as much information about your real estate transaction as possible. We meet and exceed the State of Florida Standards of Practice for Home Inspections. Over 40 5-Star Google reviews attest to our belief that your home deserves an incredible inspection.

What does i-Inspect, LLC Offer?

i-Inspect, LLC is a company dedicated to meeting and exceeding our customers expectations. Our inspections include:

Pre-Purchase Residential Inspection: This is the most common residential inspection performed. This home inspection is your best negotiation tool.

Insurance Inspections Including Four Point and Wind Mitigation Inspections: These are done to help you obtain home owners insuance and to reduce the cost of your policy. If your home is older than 20 years, your homeowners insurance will probably ask for a Four-Point Inspection. Wind Mitigation Inspection may entitle you to discounts on your Home Owners Insurance. These inspections can be done individually or combined. And are best done at the time of the home inspection.

New Construction – Phased Inspection During Construction:  Your brand new home is inspected at phases during the construction process.   

Commercial Inspections:  Business buildings need to be inspected too.  From warehouses to offices, we can customize a commercial inspection to meet your needs.

Find out more information about our offerings by going to our website at: i-Inspect.

What makes i-Inspect, LLC different?

We include an interior infrared scan of the home, using the latest themal technology to scan your home for moisture. 

In addition, we take 360 degree photos of each room. Our clients that have not actually seen the property love this as it lets them veiw the home almost as well as being there.

We are the home of the i-Bot, a special camera carrying robot designed to go into crawl spaces that would not normally be accessible or safe to inspect.  The i-Bot is capable of recording 360 Degree Photos and Video.

If you would like to contact me, go to our website.

This article was written by: Kevin Bressman, i-Inspect

If you would like to be featured in the next FABI Spotlight, contact us!

Frontline Property Inspections

FABI Spotlight – Frontline Property Inspections

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Who is Frontline Property Inspections, Inc.?

Frontline Property Inspections, Inc. is owned/operated by Todd Johnson FL HI# 243.  Todd has been a home inspector in the Tampa Bay area since 1998.  After working for another local company for seven years, Todd started Frontline Property Inspections, LLC in 2005 and has maintained a successful and highly reputable company ever since. See more by visiting Frontline Inspections

What does Frontline Property Inspections offer?

Frontline can handle both residential and commercial building inspections along with all types of required insurance inspections: 4pt Insurance Surveys, Wind Mitigation Reports and Roof Certifications. With all of the new construction and building in the Tampa Bay Area, Frontline can also provide New Construction Inspections and 1 Year Warranty Inspections for clients with new homes. We also work closely with a local termite inspection company who conducts extremely thorough inspections. For more information on Frontline services, please Click Here to visit the services page.

What makes Frontline different?

The main difference with Frontline is Experience and Education.  Todd has been a state licensed home inspector in Florida since licensing was imposed in 2010.  However, state licensing is a very basic and minimal requirement.  Todd has been a certified member of the American Society of Home Inspectors since 1999, has been a member of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors since 2003 and a member of the Florida Association of Building inspectors for over 10 years.  Todd is also a Florida Licensed Contractor and keeps current in the industry with over 30 hours of continuing education per year.  List of credentials.

Todd commits to providing his clients premium quality inspections with prompt/professional reports and courteous service.  Todd understands the importance of education and communication that clients should expect when purchasing a new home so he allows for plenty available time for client questions before, during and long after the inspection process has been completed.

Frontline Property Inspections / Todd Johnson have been a true leader in the Tampa Bay Home Inspection industry since 1998.  Check out their Website for more information.

Written By: Todd Johnson, Frontline Property Inspections

If you would like to be featured on the FABI Spotlight, contact us.

Home Inspector Marketing

4 Creative Ways to Get More Business – Home Inspector Marketing

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We are always looking for new ways to make more money as a business owner. Often times, it is not always easy to just start making more money, but it takes WORK to get there. You can use regular home inspector marketing tactics, but sometimes it just seems to not be working as it should or you just need a change.

All above stated, here are 4 SURPRISING ways to make more money as a home inspector. Some will be easier than others, but like it was said previously, it takes hard work!

1 – PR Campaign

A PR stunt involves something for the local community and creates a buzz for your name. The amazing thing about a PR stunt is you can truly make a MASSIVE impact with your efforts!

Here is an example:

Say your Public Relations stunt is to contribute to local children in need. AKA: give them money for food, clothes, toys, etc. For the most part, you can partner with a non-profit organization that typically handles all of the delivery to ensure the money gets in the right hands. However, you can use this contribution to get into the local headlines, make more connections with Realtors, and just feel good about contributing to a cause that matters to you!

In order for this campaign to be successful, there are many things to consider… You should deliver mass emails, create FB posts/events, make a YouTube video, ask clients/Realtors if they want to donate to the cause, and more! You will need to create an article on your website that the local media can link to, alongside, reaching out to the medias about your story.

In order to make the most out of your PR stunt, you need to plan properly and utilize all of your necessary resources! Here is a great article on how to complete a PR Campaign.

2 – Host an Event for Realtors

An event for Realtors can be for any particular reason. The goal with an event is to do it for a good cause (i.e. charity), as well as, allow networking. Therefore, inviting mortgage lenders, insurance agents, tradesmen, etc, and of course Realtors is VITAL!

Having a memorable event once a year, will shortly become the talk of the local Realtors association if you do the event correctly. To start of your creative mind, here are some fun activities you may want to add to your charity event:

  • Dunk tank
  • Silent Auction
  • 50/50 cash drawing
  • Bounce house (for the kids, not you)
  • Corn Hole
  • And of course, drinks.

Here is an article on hosting a charity event. Remember, allow networking, make it fun, and the business will follow indirectly!

3 – Leveraging Old Customers

What better way to make more money than to just reach out to old clients! If you did your job correctly, they should love you, and want to use you again so give them the opportunity!

I know you may be saying, you are a home inspector… how are you supposed to make them buy a new house?! Well, you don’t have too!

As a home inspector, you can complete wind mitigations, disaster inspections, maintenance inspections, warranty inspections, and so much more! Honestly, being a home inspector you can be creative in your process to attribute your skills to all types of needs.

It’s all about marketing here. Send mass emails out to your Realtors and past clients. Take it a step further and be sure to market your additional services after you complete their initial inspection to make it known. That way, the clients are more likely to use you when they hear from you again.

Moreover, if you are feeling ballsy, cold call. Have fun with that one!

4 – Share your empathetic story

Lastly, we have sharing your empathetic story of how your business came to be! Every business owner has a story about how they created their business, the struggles they encountered along the way, and how the entrepreneur went against all odds to become successful.

You can share your empathetic story within email notifications of your inspection, emails to Realtors once they first use you, or if you are skilled, you can share your empathetic story at the inspection. Just be sure to bring it up at the right time and be authentic!

Sharing your story creates a human connection with your Realtors and with your clients. In doing so, you develop a good memory within their minds about you. This allows for Realtors to easily share your story to their coworkers, and clients can share your story with their family members. Speaking of sharing, post your long story on Facebook so your mom can share it. 😉


When it comes to home inspector marketing, your creativity is your money maker as long as you execute.

If you can be creative about your marketing tactics, come off genuine at the same time, and finally provide great service, you can be sure your return on investments will be satisfactory.

By the way, we wrote a blog about how 2020 will lead to massive change in home inspector marketing. If you liked this blog, be sure to check that one out!

If you have further questions or additions you would like to make, comment below or contact us!

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a FABI member, be sure to attend one of our quarterly conferences!