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“Here Comes The Sun”, The Beatles hit song decades ago, has been referenced many times throughout these past few months.  If you’ve never listened to the lyrics, perhaps you should!

It has been a year like no other.  We have seen some of the darkest, scariest times of our lifetime.  But, it has also brought many positive and happy times too.  Who knew that Zoom and Google Classroom would be our new best friend?  Who knew that we could actually survive in our homes for weeks at a time without parks, restaurants, beaches, and human contact?

As we enter the second half of the year, “the smiles are returning to the faces”.  Our planning and modification of what our fall and winter conferences may look like has changed from the traditional setting.  It will look different and it will feel different.  But, in some way, we hope to make it happen!  The numbers inside will be less, but we hope to Zoom the conferences to reach more.

This year has been unique, to say the least, but “the ice is slowly melting”.  Out of difficult times dawns hope and realism.  We have learned to adapt and pivot at a moment’s notice.  

Please, remember to “Focus 90% of your time on solutions and only 10% of your time on problems.”—Anthony J. D’Angleo

See you all in September!

Jean Anne Baker, 2020 President