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We are always looking for new ways to make more money as a business owner. Often times, it is not always easy to just start making more money, but it takes WORK to get there. You can use regular home inspector marketing tactics, but sometimes it just seems to not be working as it should or you just need a change.

All above stated, here are 4 SURPRISING ways to make more money as a home inspector. Some will be easier than others, but like it was said previously, it takes hard work!

1 – PR Campaign

A PR stunt involves something for the local community and creates a buzz for your name. The amazing thing about a PR stunt is you can truly make a MASSIVE impact with your efforts!

Here is an example:

Say your Public Relations stunt is to contribute to local children in need. AKA: give them money for food, clothes, toys, etc. For the most part, you can partner with a non-profit organization that typically handles all of the delivery to ensure the money gets in the right hands. However, you can use this contribution to get into the local headlines, make more connections with Realtors, and just feel good about contributing to a cause that matters to you!

In order for this campaign to be successful, there are many things to consider… You should deliver mass emails, create FB posts/events, make a YouTube video, ask clients/Realtors if they want to donate to the cause, and more! You will need to create an article on your website that the local media can link to, alongside, reaching out to the medias about your story.

In order to make the most out of your PR stunt, you need to plan properly and utilize all of your necessary resources! Here is a great article on how to complete a PR Campaign.

2 – Host an Event for Realtors

An event for Realtors can be for any particular reason. The goal with an event is to do it for a good cause (i.e. charity), as well as, allow networking. Therefore, inviting mortgage lenders, insurance agents, tradesmen, etc, and of course Realtors is VITAL!

Having a memorable event once a year, will shortly become the talk of the local Realtors association if you do the event correctly. To start of your creative mind, here are some fun activities you may want to add to your charity event:

  • Dunk tank
  • Silent Auction
  • 50/50 cash drawing
  • Bounce house (for the kids, not you)
  • Corn Hole
  • And of course, drinks.

Here is an article on hosting a charity event. Remember, allow networking, make it fun, and the business will follow indirectly!

3 – Leveraging Old Customers

What better way to make more money than to just reach out to old clients! If you did your job correctly, they should love you, and want to use you again so give them the opportunity!

I know you may be saying, you are a home inspector… how are you supposed to make them buy a new house?! Well, you don’t have too!

As a home inspector, you can complete wind mitigations, disaster inspections, maintenance inspections, warranty inspections, and so much more! Honestly, being a home inspector you can be creative in your process to attribute your skills to all types of needs.

It’s all about marketing here. Send mass emails out to your Realtors and past clients. Take it a step further and be sure to market your additional services after you complete their initial inspection to make it known. That way, the clients are more likely to use you when they hear from you again.

Moreover, if you are feeling ballsy, cold call. Have fun with that one!

4 – Share your empathetic story

Lastly, we have sharing your empathetic story of how your business came to be! Every business owner has a story about how they created their business, the struggles they encountered along the way, and how the entrepreneur went against all odds to become successful.

You can share your empathetic story within email notifications of your inspection, emails to Realtors once they first use you, or if you are skilled, you can share your empathetic story at the inspection. Just be sure to bring it up at the right time and be authentic!

Sharing your story creates a human connection with your Realtors and with your clients. In doing so, you develop a good memory within their minds about you. This allows for Realtors to easily share your story to their coworkers, and clients can share your story with their family members. Speaking of sharing, post your long story on Facebook so your mom can share it. 😉


When it comes to home inspector marketing, your creativity is your money maker as long as you execute.

If you can be creative about your marketing tactics, come off genuine at the same time, and finally provide great service, you can be sure your return on investments will be satisfactory.

By the way, we wrote a blog about how 2020 will lead to massive change in home inspector marketing. If you liked this blog, be sure to check that one out!

If you have further questions or additions you would like to make, comment below or contact us!

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